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Types of Funerals

Lambert's Funeral Service offers a number of different types of funerals, catering for all traditions, faiths, beliefs and budgets. Amongst some of the types of funeral available are

* Basic Simple Funerals
* Woodland Burials
* Eco Funerals
* Motorcycle Funerals
* Horse-drawn Funerals
* Vintage and Traditional Funerals

Basic Simple Funerals

Lambert's Funeral Service specialises in Basic Simple Funerals at 950. This does not compromise of service or quality but removes any un-necessary expenses. Everything you need is included - removal of deceased to chapel of rest within 10 miles, an oak veneered coffin suitable for burial or cremation, use of hearse, professional service & attendance and four coffin bearers.

Eco Funerals

If you want to cause the minimum environmental impact when a loved one dies, then an Eco Funeral may be for you. Usually in conjunction with our woodland burials, you can opt to have a fully biodegradable coffin with the minimum of embalming. This leaves as little environmental impact as possible and you know you have done the best you can to keep the world looking as nice as possible.

Vintage and Traditional Funerals

If yo have any specific wishes for a vintage or traditional funeral, please call us and we will do our best to make it happen for you.

Woodland Burials

For an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional funerals, cemeteries and graveyards, woodlands burials can be the answer. Rather than be forever in a place of un-natural headstones and graves laid out in a grid, being in a peaceful woodland amongst wildlife and singing birds can be a much nicer experience.


Motorcycle Funerals

We can arrange for most types of motorcycle to be present at the funeral and to play a central part in making that last journey. The coffin can be transported by sidecar to the funeral. If your dead relative lived and breathed motorcycles, what better way to send them off - in the way the would have wanted.


Horse Drawn Funerals

Horse-drawn carriages are available to put the coffin on. Please call for further details.