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Start an on-road journey

Finish an on-road journey

Understand where to ride on the roads being used

Be aware of everything around you including behind, as you ride

Making a u-turn

Pass parked or slower moving vehicles

Pass side roads

Understand how and when to signal your intentions to other road users

Turn left into a minor road

Turn left into a major road

Turn right from a minor to a major road

Turn right from a major to a minor road

Explain decisions made while riding, thereby demonstrating understanding of safe riding strategy

Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Highway Code, particularly how to interpret road signs

Decide where cycle lanes can help a journey & demonstrate correct use

Go straight on from minor road to minor road at a crossroads

Turn left at a mini/single lane roundabout

Go straight ahead at a mini/single lane roundabout

Turn right at a mini/single lane roundabout

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