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Our Aims

Lincolnshire Federation of Young Farmers Clubs is a rural youth organisation that is open to young people between the ages of 10 and 26yrs who live in Lincolnshire.

Led by young people for young people a county programme of events aims to provide members with oppertunties and life experiences.

There is the opportunity to develop skills, work in their community, take part in a varied competitions programme and enjoy a dynamic social life.

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YFC Travel

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The opportunities are endless with YFC Travel, from a week in Scotland to 3 months working in New Zealand, start your adventure today!

Lincolnshire YFC Membership

Are you aged between 10 and 26 and would like to join Young Farmers within Lincolnshire?

Find your local club, go along to a meeting and see what YFC has to offer.

Once you have decided to join - fill in the Membership Form which is available from the Club Secretary or can be downloaded from this website and take it along to your club meeting with payment.

The secretary will send your Membership Application Form to the County Office.

Remember: If you are under 18 on the 1st September 2017, you will need to get your parent to complete a Parental Consent Form which will need to be submitted with your Membership Application Form.

A membership card will then be issued.

You need to sign the card and attach a recent photo.

You will be asked to show your Membership Card at events and competitions throughout the year in order to take part.
Pdf file 2016-2017 Membership Form
Pdf file Parental Consent Form for all under 18 Members

Safeguarding and Policies


We complete DBS checks on our Club Officers.

For more information on all the policies and documents available for club officers and members please contact the county office.


YFC Structure

We have 15 clubs across the county

These Clubs are run by the members, the members elect committees of Chairmen, Secretaries, Treasurers etc each year at the clubs AGM. Each club has its own bank account and constitution.

The clubs elect 3 reps to sit on the County Executive committee and other county committees. The reps speak and vote on behalf of their clubs members on the running of the County Federation.

The County Federation also elect county officers - these are: County Chairman, 2 Vice Chairman, Treasurer and a County President.

There are 4 County Reps that attend the Area Meeting. Lincolnshire is part of the East Midlands Area and these reps go along to the area meetings to represent the Lincolnshire members views.

Reps from the EMA and our own county rep attend the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs meetings to ensure that young peoples voice is heard at every level.