Whether you are an IT professional with a full specification of what is required or you know nothing about technology and just have a vague idea that you struggle to get your information organised, we can help. Or you may have an idea for a commercial venture but not know how to put it into practice? Again, we can help.
We can help with anything from an initial fact-finding assessment to full development and hosting of a finished system.

What do you get?

But what do you actually get? If you want an accounting system, for example, and off the shelf products don't quite suit or do what you want in the way you want it, then we work out what you need, develop it all for you. You access your data through a web browser so it works like a website that is built just for you. It's fast, secure and maintenance-free. You get all the benefits of increased efficiency or the profits of a new commercial venture with none of the overheads.

How much does it cost?

It depends so much on what you need. It's all really about how long it takes to produce what you need. please call us and we will give you an idea. This website and its Content Management System, for example run off an SQL Server database and a similar website would cost 4.50 + VAT per week with no development or set-up fees.

Major business systems, for example, where the whole of a company's business processes are streamlined into one integrated system can be several thousand pounds but then the benefits and cost-savings can be many many times the cost of development.

Case Study: Royal National Theatre

The Royal National Theatre, on London's South Bank, has eighteen bars, cafes and restaurants which have differing opening times depending on performances. These all need to be staffed correctly and efficiently, while remaining within budget. The RNT asked us to develop some software to handle the unique and complicated staff scheduling system.

We spent some time working with the catering managers and did a business systems assessment to determine the best way forward. We suggested that the scheduling system could be linked to their in-house payroll system, thus saving a large amount of double entries.

We developed a databse software apllication called Meelius based on Microsoft SQL Server (the leading high-performance, scalable client-server database) with a web-browser front-end.
This went live in 2000 and was an immediate success. Meelius has undergone new developments since bringing it right up to date to meet their changing needs. This is a secure system so we can't provide a link. However, if you are interested in finding out more about this, please get in touch and we can provide you with a reference.


The Geeky Bit

Making the most of the valuable resource of your business information can often seem overwhelming. In order to manage it properly and to get the most out of a Database, you need to start with the basics - and this is getting the fundamentals correct right from the start. Based on the mathematical disciplines of set theory and tuple logic, Relational Database Theory provides a framework and set of rules by which your database is designed and structured. Get this right and any question you want answered of your data down the years should be easily and quickly available, but get it wrong and it can all turn into a nightmare.

We develop our database systems using Microsoft SQL Server. This is the high-performance, scalable client-server database which means your data is safe, you can access it quickly and it will grow with you and handle lots of concurrent users.

If you do not want the expense and management of your own SQL Server installation, we can host it all for you with your data available through a web browser. This normally works out much cheaper anyway.