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Conversational based change

Conversational based change

We recognise that people like to talk. We believe change is best achieved when people in the organisation understand the reasons for the change, feel involved and are able to put their heart behind the change.

We use positive psychology approaches to help organisations to improve what they do and use the skills and experience of their people to achieve these results.

To help organisations (and teams) deliver change we draw on conversational approaches like Appreciative Inquiry (or Appreciative Enquiry if your English), World Café and Action Learning.

Our team have worked with leading names in the field including David Cooperryder and Juanita Brown and have published extensively on how these ideas can be used appropriately with a UK and European context.
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Appreciative Inquiry workshops

We can work with you in a variety of ways, either as a business partner to help train you in the AI techniques, or with you to design, manage and facilitate a whole systems event using AI. We should know what we are doing, we wrote a book about it !
<br>Sarah Lewis, Jonathan Passmore and Stefan Cantore

Sarah Lewis, Jonathan Passmore and Stefan Cantore
If you are unfamiliar with the power of AI you might like to read more about how we have used the approach.

Action Learning

Action Learning is an active learning tool which can be applied to any number of different issues and challenges. In Action Learning groups or 'sets' we bring clients and their teams together to explore solutions to real problems and decide on the action they wish to take. Most action learning meetings follow a common structure:

1. Describing the problem as the person sees it
2. Invite colleagues to raise questions that might help the person develop a fresh insight into the problem
3. Encourage reflection on the discussion and deciding what action to take
4. Plan reporting back on what took action
5. Finally, reflecting on the problem-solving process and how well it is worked.

We run a number of action learning set groups for professionals to help them to meet and learn from each other.

World Café conferences

Mondays uses other conversational approaches in addition to AI, for example we can host World Café events, as well as manage team strategy days using other conversational approaches.

World Cafe provides opportunities for people to talk about what really matters and what they want to do to make things better. We have done this in a range of different organisations including helping Business Psychologists think about their futures at a conference in Cambridgeshire.
If you are interested in finding out more about World cafe – Read More...


We offer a range of short courses in planning and managing change. These can be designed to meet your specific needs. Our courses include:

Understanding & using appreciative inquiry – a one day course to help those interested in AI to better understand the approach and how it might be used in their own organisation.

Appreciative inquiry based coaching – a one day course for coaches to understand AI coaching and how they might add an AI approach to their work.


Our network contains leading names in the field of appreciative inquiry and conversational based change. We used these approaches extensively with clients and have published articles and books in the area drawing on our experience. In addition to offering training and programme facilitation we can offer independent evaluation of a programmes delivered by other providers.