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We offer a wide number of short courses which can be delivered in house. Our approach to design means our courses draw on science while being highly practical.

We take a different approach. Before starting we work with the organisation to understand their needs and encourage each participant to engage with the learning goals of the course through a discussion with their line manager. The aim is for each participant to plan personal learning objectives which link to their current role or their future development. During the course we offer a mixture of input and discussion, with the objective of encouraging learners to take personal responsibility for their learning, as well as to focus their learning on their personal learning goals. At the end of the course participants are encouraged to develop a 3 month personal plan to take back. Each personal plan focuses on deepening their understanding of the materials and doing things different based on their new knowledge.
We are able to design courses to meet individual client requirements, but as examples of we have included a number of programmes we have delivered recently:

Developing customer service skills

This one day programme is aimed at employees in front line roles and offers an insight into the core communication skills which can enhance customer satisfaction.

Using emotional intelligence at work

This one day programme aims to offer staff who deal with the public or manage other staff a deeper look at how they can build relationships with their team or customers through a better understanding of emotions.


We offer team building and facilitation services, working with teams to plan for the future, review current services or enhance team working. We have done these as 1, 2 or 3 day events. Most events take place away from the office and we have worked in traditional setting such as hotels as well as arranging outdoor events to meet client requests.
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