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How SGW works


You can add text. You can type in or copy and paste up to 1000 characters at a time. If you need to put more text into one Box, just start a new section and keep going indefinitely.
To horse, you gallant princes! straight to horse! Do but behold yon poor and starved band, And your fair show shall suck away their souls, Leaving them but the shales and husks of men. There is not work enough for all our hands; Scarce blood enough in all their sickly veins To give each naked curtle-axe a stain, That our French gallants shall to-day draw out, And sheathe for lack of sport: let us but blow on them, The vapour of our valour will o'erturn them. - William Shakespeare.

Text with Emphasis

Text with emphasis can be used to draw attention or to stand out from other text on your page.


Field of barley
Field of barley


Open quotesAny quoteClose quotes-and a reference
Open quotesEven my 81 year old Dad produced his own website!Close quotes-

In Detail

A website in SGW consits of a number of pages - you can have as many as you like. Each page has a Header containing the page's title and subheading (How it Works and How SGW works on this page). The header also contains links to other pages on your site, but this is taken care of automatically.
Each page also has its Content. You can choose the number of columns a page has (this one has 3). The Content is arranged in Boxes. There are 10 Boxes on this page, this one is called In Detail. This Box has 3 Sections with this section starting "Each page..."
A section can have one of several different types of content - these are shown in the right-hand column.
You can also mix different types of section in the same box - this section is 'Text with Emphasis' below 3 sections of ordinary text.
Newspaper News Items
This is useful for putting the latest news about your business on your website.


Excel file Excel spreadsheet
Pdf file PDF file

How a 'traditional' website works

Traditionally, if you are a small business and you want a website, you could, if you have the technical knowledge and some design flare, attempt to produce your own website. However, this is beyond most small businesses in which case you would need to find a web designer. Web designers come in a range of prices and abilities, but if you were lucky and all went well, and after parting with some money, you would have a great-looking website... which you couldn't update! Well you could update it but it would mean asking your web designer to update it for you which would mean a delay, inconvenience and parting with more cash.
Content Management
The alternative to this is a website which is produced by a web designer but left in a way which you can update yourself - Content Managed Websites. These can be great but typically cost thousands if not tens of thousands of pounds, putting them beyond the reach of many small businesses and voluntary organisations. SGW, however, gives you this power at an extremely low price.

How SGW works

SGW changes all this - not only is it very easy to use, and affordable to all, it is also fully-content-managed! This means that you can update web pages or even create new ones as easily as using a word processer, with the added benefit that all pages and content will look good and have the same design theme. You will end up with a high-quality, professinal-looking, content-managed website at cost previously unheard of.