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Optional Specifications

Specifications can include

* Trad
* Semi trad
* Cruiser stern
* Josher bow
* Bluff bows
* Flat counter stern
* Slipper stern

We build for trade and public from shells to sailaways. We also supply shells to Beacon Boats.
Beacon Boats website

Standard Specifications

The following are standard specifications included in all our shells.

* Steel front and rear door
* Set of side doors
* Window apertures
* Anchor points
* Pole and plank holders
* Fender stool
* Rubbing strakes welded top and bottom
* Rams head and rudder bar
* Keel cooler
* Diesel take off above the deck
* Lift up hatch over weed hatch
* Weed hatch
* Engine bed
* Primed and 2 coats of bitumen


Tuesday Night Club

Some of our boats have travelled every water way in the country.
Tuesday Night Club