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Ignite Torch and Stand - NEW !!

Cure your way with the new Ignite LED light. This ultra-durable and lightweight UV flashlight provides the perfect combination of power, size, and easy-to-use operation. Constructed of solid aluminum, this slip-resistant flashlight is ideal for on-the-go technicians.

The 365nm UV LED bulb produces incredible curing power it also includes a nylon lanyard that secures comfortably to the user's wrist. The Ignite LED comes with two rechargeable batteries plus a charger and the suction mounted stand eliminating the need for an external power source!

£49 + VAT


UVS100 Ultraviolet Shield

Suction cups on all four corners keep the UVS100 attached securely to the glass. Blocks the sunís ultraviolet rays to eliminate premature curing. May also be used as a rain shield. £26.95 + VAT


77-401W White End Seals

Injection molded to fit the EZK-3 EZ Plunger. These special seals last longer than o-rings and do not soften or turn resin yellow as rubber will. £1.95 + VAT each



Create perfect mini bullseyes to terminate the end of long cracks.† The new Delta Kits Slide hammer is the only tool of its kind, and is extremely popular with all windshield repair technicians. £18.95 + VAT


40-14 9watt UV Curing light

Extremely light 12v 9watt round dual tube curing light, extremely powerful curing system sets the resin in the shortest time, complete with 25 foot flex and attaches with 2 suction cups. Measures 10 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. £85.00 + VAT


Delta Bridge Blue - NEW !!

The Delta Kits B150 is lightweight, compact, and easy on the wallet. Standard features include an aluminum screw type injector, anodized aluminum base with large viewing window and stainless steel vacuum cup components for exceptional durability. The base rotates 360 degrees and slides forward and aft for nearly infinite adjustment options.

£110 + VAT


144-7 Inspection Mirror

Attaches to the inside of the glass to allow monitoring of repair process from outside of the vehicle. £9.95 + VAT


77-8 Curing Film

Used to cover repairs during the curing process. Economical 100í roll covers any length of crack and works on flat as well as curved surfaces. £4.95 + VAT


144-3 Premium Pit Polish 15 ml

Provides the finishing touch to all windshield repairs. Greatly enhances the appearance of the repair. £4.95 + VAT


FG2 Round Point Carbide Bur

Shaft length .75in., shaft diameter .060in., hole size .039in. A top quality bur at a budget price sold in packs of 10. £17.50 + VAT


Pit Fill

Specifically formulated for filling large or small surface chips. Cures to a glass like finish, weathers extremely well and resists yellowing. Provides a flush surface to eliminate wiper streaks, etc. Use as a top coat for all resin products to improve the finish of the repair. Packaged in 7 ml plastic squeeze bottles with removable dropper tips. Viscosity 2000cps. £14.95 + VAT



The first and likely the best cordless windscreen repair kit available.

Everything needed to carry out quality repairs is housed in this small case, no need for outside power source or connecting to a 12v supply.

Stocked with all the latest goodies from the world renowned name in quality WSR supplies.

Aluminium flip lever bridge, with lightweight hard coated alloy injector.

The latest in curing technology, the Ignite by Delta fast curing torch with stand, batteries and charger included.

Dremel, the lightest model made, perfect for glass drilling.

Heat sink, still we are the only suppliers selling this tool as part of our kits.

Micro blow torch, the perfect dry out tool.
Slide hammer, well again we were the first there with this tool and is still only available from us. Perfect for stopping the end of long cracks.

Mirror, Delta's own 3 x magnifying mirror set in a hard plastic cover, brilliant for spotting those unfilled legs on starbreaks. All this along with enough resin, pit resin, curing tabs, drill burs and other consumables for about £1500 WORTH OF REPAIRS.

£495 + VAT


77-7G Steel Probe

Used to create small bulls-eyes at the bottom of a drill hole. The 77-7G is also used to remove loose glass from the damaged section of the windshield. £9.95 + VAT


77-8T Curing Tabs

A bit thicker than curing film, square tabs lay flat and are reusable. 1" x 1". £8.95 + VAT


144-8 MagniBond Resin 15 ml

Magnibond resin, a Delta Kits Exclusive Product, provides optimum performance and versatility without sacrificing safety. Delivers superior bonding strength, excellent optical clarity, quick curing properties and low acrylic acid content.

Magnibond is the perfect choice for all types of repairs in any weather condition. Magnibond is the result of over twenty five years of research and testing, making it the number one choice for the quality you require! Viscosity 18cps. £24.95 + VAT


DS100 Moisture Evaporator

Eliminates moisture trapped in most windshield repairs within 20 seconds. May also be used to spot heat small areas prior to repair. £74.95 + VAT