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In our opinion one of the best and cheapest ways to start your own business, all your tools and equipment will fit into the back of a small car. Extremely low start up cost and a growing demand make for a great opportunity.

3 repairs per day @ 35.00 = 105 per day or 525 per week 4 repairs per day @ 35.00 = 140 per day or 700 per week. 5 repairs per day @ 35.00 = 175 per day or 875 per week

I have given a low price per repair and a realistic target for each day, some companies are now quoting up to 95 per repair. Each repair will take less than 30 minutes to complete, this allows you plenty of time within the day to expand your customer base.

Delta is on hand all the time to help with all your needs concerning a new business start up, technical help, sales help, advertising and even web support are all here.

Start up costs from only 895 +VAT.