In the days of electronic media and in a world where more and more people seem to be migrating their lives onto social networks, maintaining a stand-alone website such as this might seem like an anti-social thing to do. Without search options and any kind of friends list, it becomes a collection of isolated pixels which others may chance upon whether with or without prompting from me. The average person has more friends or connections on any single social network than this site gets hits in a month. So why bother?

Alberobello, Italy

There is something to be said for having that corner of the ether all to yourself which you begin to see as your own, the place to record memories and experiences as well as share the things which matter to you. What started off as a travel and teach site with a section anticipated for every country - changed focus when the travelling dried up and Kazakhstan became home.
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Site Updates - 31 January 2017


Kazakhstan Culture

The whole site is not ultimately about Kazakhstan but most of it has been written and published here and future pages are expected to be at least inspired by the country perhaps most misunderstood yet a place which seems to offer as many opportunities as anywhere else Ive been. Either that, or rather more!

Nauryz in Bishkek

Some years later, the classroom is no longer the only place of work and the desire to live in a diversity of other places has now packed its bags. But there is still plenty to say, more no doubt than people will ever need to read. There are plans afoot to rewrite certain sections and always plans to add more, so I can only be grateful that not everybody in the world needs everything to be on Facebook.

Egypt, champions again