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Highly Intelligent Singer-songwriter
Recommended by his mum, Donald Simone (his real stage name) comes from somewhere in England and might be better known to many as, the guy who plays the guitar. Having led a life full of poetry, literature and trips to miscellaneous watering holes he is able to draw on a host of powerful influences to produce combinations of chords that go together really rather well. The output of his competent plucking and strumming is a series of musical offerings fit not only to grace his own website but in one case mine too as this short series of notes hosted by Youtube will prove.
While not organising dohs, rays and mees into spontaneous gatherings of pleasant-sounding colleagues (they are very diligent, he remarks) he performs much the same nature of executive management with members of the English dictionary which he assorts into neat little rows. The resultant horizontal arrangements of hitherto unacquainted conglomerates of alphabetees (a word I felt compelled to invent to do the sentence poetic justice), otherwise known as lyrics, are introduced to the teams of notes and left to get to know each other for a while.
When the team building session is complete, Donald briefs the delegates one by one using a management style reminiscent of some of the great CEOs of history, incorporating wordsmithery on a par with Robert Dylanís lyrical genius with the inspiring public speaking of that bloke who used to be the MD of Oasis plc.
His company statement is bold: we will we will sing songs to you, which implies an absence of rock but the sneaky plural and repeated use of the same modal verb instead suggests a commitment to fine melodies that people want to hear again and again, into the future.
Away from the office, he likes to relax by making music, not that which reflects the contemporary collective tendency to vomit onto the microphone and let the microchips transform it into wailing, but instead quality thoughtful and emotional music which draws the listener in without compelling them in any way. The sound invites you to enjoy it and wants to share itself with you, but would not care if you turned it off. It would just forget you. It is that inobtrusive that it takes a close ear to fully appreciate the delicate gists and even more delicate meanings. When you do, the meaning is magnified and you become a part of the song.
Unless you hardly ever bathe. Anybody smelly should stay away from puddles.