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Sono in Italian means I am, or, they are. It can be shortened to son, and often is in daily conversation. Given that there is only one Pascal currently topping most of the Kazakhstan music and video charts it therefore follows that the former of the two grammatical structures most readily applies to this very talented singer-songwriter who, via London, has come to Almaty to make his home, not only in terms of accommodation, but in the hearts of many of the people who already live here.

You Should Speak Kazaksha

The meteoric rise to Central Asian fame came by early means of a successful appearance on a show much intended to be a Kazakhstan’s Got Talent, and then, already recognised as a star, through the very clever relocation of Sting’s Englishman to Shymkent, a song which people loved for its humour, and celebration of Kazakh ways.

Kozimnin Karasy

That a foreigner should simply love Kazakhstan already means a lot to local people, but when that person is a musician who could in truth make a very good living from the western music markets, and chooses to write and perform locally-inspired songs in the very heart of their country, is almost a guarantee of respect and admiration across that country.

Temnaya Noch

Add then to this a genuine musical talent up there with the likes of Sting himself and the result is the irresistible force of Son Pascal, he of the Midas touch blending Italian flair with a Central Asian soul. For this, read Kurmangazy at the wheel of a Ferrari, baursak and spaghetti, Venetian backstreets adorned with nomadic yurta. The delicate and fun sounds that he produces can only put Kazakhstan in a magic light, and lead those with the blue and gold passports to discover new ways of being proud to come from here.
This small sample of videos is what has made his name and earned his place among quite literally the very top performers in Kazakhstan at the moment. Enjoy.

Englishman in Shymkent