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Golcar Lily

Golcar Lily

In December 2007, canal Boat magazine published the results of an extensive and demanding boat test on Golcar Lily.
Golcar Lily was fitted out by Beacon Boats of Leicestershire on a shell designed and constructed by XR&D. The conclusion of the report was excellent as you can see below...
Golcar Lily is a really attractive boat; the XR&D shell is a cracking one, handsome looking and rich in detail...

Considering the price (90,000 including all the extras - even the windlass) it's a very fully equipped boat.
Open quotesIn short we like it: it's good looking, good to handle; good value and well fitted.Close quotes-Canal Boat Magazine
Open quotesOne of the first bits of advice I got when looking for a narrowboat was always pick a good shellClose quotes-Kevin Blick, canal Boat Magazine