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Aims of the Country Crafts Association

The aim of the Country Crafts Association is:

To be an information service to and for our members giving out details of themselves and their work to interested parties.

To keep members informed we issue lists of events being held in the area of the East Midlands and even further afield. We also hold regular open meetings (at present in Lincoln) where all members are most welcome and can join in.

One area in which we promote our crafts is that of "Quality Assurance", putting forward this aspect at every chance.

To this end our constitution does not allow more than one craft per application, nor more than two crafts to be practiced by any one member. All the work must be made by the applicant personally. However it would be in order for, say, husband and wife to apply for individual different membership in their own right.
On application to be a member, assessment is made at one of our meetings to which you will be invited to show a selection of your work to our present members.

Our method of assessment is used in order that the quality of our Craftworker Member's products and display is the highest possible, to help eliminate shoddy goods that have, in the past, given Crafts a bad name.

But please don't worry, our meetings are relaxed & informal and expect a warm welcome!
We do not differentiate between those who are full-time Craftworkers and those who do it as a hobby, although the latter often change into the former!

Most members support local Fair organisers, with some travelling to venues further afield. Although we do hold our own Exhibitions and Craft Days we are not primarily concerned with the organising of craft fairs.
Besides meetings for all members every two months where we all get together, for a regular exchange of information and news within the Association.

Public liability Insurance is held to cover members at events where the Association is represented.

The subscription at present is only 15 per year, payable when you are accepted.

Aims of the Country Crafts Association. Crafts handmade in Lincolnshire.