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High Standards of the Country Crafts Association
As a group it is the aim of the Association to help reverse the regrettable emergence of shoddy work and of 'bought-in' goods offered for sale at some so-called Craft Fairs; together with the encouragement in improving design, workmanship and presentation.

When displayed, the Association motif represents excellence in these qualities, together with value for money.

It is encouraging to find that the public are more and more seeking out members of the Country Crafts Association, and they obviously recognise the efforts made by the Association to gain greater awareness for the crafts movement.

Craftspeople applying to join the Association are required to have their work assessed by other members, usually including those who have a knowledge of the craft in question, and upon receipt of a favourable report they are admitted as Members. However, it is impressed upon them that they are thereafter required to maintain their high standard of professionalism.

Members are always willing to discuss particular requirements and accept commissions from clients seeking something different, and will help those customers who are not sure of the finer points of design.

The majority of members undertake their craft as full-time workers, but there are those who are only part-time involved; but in all cases they are expected to maintain the high standards for which the Association has become well known.

The Country Crafts Association, handmade crafts from Lincolnshire and the East Midlands