At Embrion, in order to meet our clients' varied needs we provide bespoke support services which are focussed on achieving outstanding health, safety and operational performance.

We achieve this by concentrating our efforts on the single most powerful and valuable part of our clients' organisations, their people. By focussing on people and their behaviours we can influence significant and sustainable performance improvement in all aspects of an organisation. The behaviours associated with excellence in health and safety performance are closely aligned with the behaviours identified in High Reliability Organisations (HROs) and High Performance Teams (HPTs). Embrion works with its clients to deliver measurable performance improvements across the Oil and Gas, Energy, Construction, Manufacturing and Transport industries.

Open Training Courses for 2013

Embrion's new 2013 programme is available.

This years programme includes courses on:
Emotional Intelligence,
Mental Toughness at work,
Change Management,
Talent Management,
Leadership development for women,

One of our new products is Managing Risk-Enhanced Personal Driver Awareness. This three day course is designed for people who may be required to work in hazardous environments or where personal safety is a major consideration.

Our sessions will be delivered by experienced consultants including Prof. Jonathan Passmore, Celia Payne, Jim McGovern, Stefan Cantore and Ali Layne-Smith.

In addition to our Open Programmes, we offer a wide range of in-house and bespoke courses on health and safety and behavioural change.

To receive full details of Embrion's 2013 training programmes please email us at info @

Prof. Jonathan Passmore - Speaking engagements

Prof. Passmore will be speaking later in the year at conferences in Portugal, Hungary and Slovakia. To find out more about these events please email us at: info @

New Books for 2014

Newspaper New Books for 2014

Jonathan Passmore, our MD, will be launching two new books during 2014.

The first is a book aimed at advanced coaching practitioners, Mastery in Coaching. This book is aimed at advanced coaching practitioners and presents new models on coaching including motivational interviewing and ACT. The book is due to be published in October 2014 by Kogan Page & the Association for Coaching and will be launched at the AC International Conference in Budapest.


Strategic Partnership


Embrion has entered a strategic partnership with a psychology consulting company Mondays Psychologists. Mondays offer Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) accredited courses including coaching, leadership and management. Mondays will work with Embrion to help us raise leadership and coach training standards in the oil and gas industry and offer formal qualifications to safety coaches and professional qualifications to managers.

Embrion is also partnering Entrust, a Scottish Recruitment Consulting company. Entrust will help Embrion identify new talent for our off-shore consulting work and Embrion will offer its training and shorts to Entrust.


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Embrion provides bespoke services focussed on achieving outstanding health, safety and high performance.