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Tuesday Chat

Tuesday Chat - Queen Street, Horncastle, 10 – 11.30
Methodist Chapel Hall - Queen Street

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Letter to future generations

Dear Reader,

You have your whole life ahead of you. I have lived mine. Some people leave “Time capsules” containing objects and artefacts for the next generation to discover. I leave you this letter containing truths that are timeless. I want to pass on to you the most important things I’ve learned. Your world will look different to mine. You may have the opportunity to add to the experience of future generations. I desire that you live a full life.

The culture in which I grew up was centred around Christian values. As I leave this planet I see that these values, over time, have been undervalued. Consequently, more and more people themselves are undervalued. Real life, full life is undervalued.
I had the opportunity to learn about God from a young age, Family; Church; Sunday School & School days. I’m sad to think that you will have to grow up in a world where it’s not going to be as easy as it was for me, but God is worth the search...... Don’t give up.

It upsets me to think that you may grow up not knowing God. He has kept me from despair and has given me a constant hope. There have been 2 long periods of my life that have sorely tested any concept of God I may have had. However today my relationship with Jesus is the only thing that makes sense. My thought would be “We may give up on Him but He never gives up on us”.

Don’t get bogged down in churchy things. Focus on Christ. I’ve learned that all the different Church denominations and flavours are not as important as once I thought they were. Here I am at 96 still learning about God. I remember someone saying once “If you are going to be a Christian be a good one!”
Seek to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Enjoy Him. Acquaint yourself with the ways of God every day, learn a prayer and explore the Bible.

As I survey my own life I couldn’t do better than to borrow from John Wesley “The best of all is God is with us”

Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life and have it to the full!” If you find Jesus you’ll find life. You’ll have a full life. You’ll have eternal life. I look forward to meeting you there....

Know God, Know life. No God, No life.

With love,
The Past Generation.




Mrs Panton
Mrs Panton
The congregation enjoying a chat after Revd Bruce Thompson's inspiring and thought-filled service.
The congregation enjoying a chat after Revd Bruce Thompson's inspiring and thought-filled service.

Coffee, Cake, Chat