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Some of it's crap but it'll do

Why write?

I've never been one of those writers who writes something and then files it away.
Even if I only write my name, I ask somebody to read it.
Here you'll see the proof. For although I know that some of the contributions to this page are poor, I enjoyed writing all of it. And as I keep trying to remind my ego, that's always the main thing.

Cinders' Happy Daze

This is the original script of the play I wrote in 2002 (I think).
It was adapted and performed over four nights in the Repertory Theatre in Stoke-on-Trent, England, in February 2002 (or was it 2001 or 2003?).
In any case, working with the cast and the director was a lot of fun, and I was proud to be part of the show, staged jointly by Stoke-on-Trent Social Services and Combined Healthcare.
Word file Cinders' Happy Daze
See the programme below. It's small but I think you can make out my name :)

Cinders' Happy Daze Programme


Masterpieces of Okayness

Pat Trickett
An article about my grandma, who at 80 was still running 40 miles (about 65 kilometres) a week.
Against the Run of Play
Some stuff trying to be philosophical about football.
If you love me...
Brief memoirs of a five pound note.
The Beautiful Games
More half time oranges.
Word file Nellie
Satirical verdict on a song we all know.
Don't Look Down
What would men have talked about if pigs hadn't had bladders?
Word file Recruitment Agency
I've suffered more than my fair share of patronising treatment in recruitment agency offices. Not always, but here's a slice of the right kind of pie in response.


Word file Football AGAIN! Match report, Crewe vs Luton 29 10 02
Word file Some stuff I wrote for the staff newsletter at work, 2003
Word file And another one, not so interesting but hey
Word file More footy stuff

I'm proud of this one

Word file Operatic Minutes of a Social Services Meeting


Word file On the inside pissing in
Word file Neutrality, the Elusive State

Where Hope Springs Eternal

Word file Promises Few
This is a play script I started and never finished. Yes, it's autobiographical, with a few stretches of truth in places :)

Front Page Stuff

The Moorlands Trader
The Moorlands Trader