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It is a shame that in spite of progress in science it still overlooks the basic holistic nature of our existence, refusing to approach healing through treatment of the whole patient, preferring a more methodical targeting of symptoms.
Symptoms are not the disease. They are a warning sign to say that something has gone wrong with the whole system.
Open quotesTreating and relieving symptoms alone is like switching off a fire alarm because you can't stand the noise.Close quotes-Professor JR Worsley


I'm a great believer in various forms of alternative medicine, either as a satisfied customer or, in the case of traditional acupuncture, as a former student and long-term patient. We may not all be convinced, but the gathering pace of the phenomenon has done more than inspire a plethora of gluten free diets. I am refreshed to see that widespread interest in natural approaches to healing has taken root in our increasingly secular and mechanised society.
A more than superficial inspection of natural medicine reveals far more than just another set of approaches to symptom relief, even though this may be enough for most people. What the open minded patient receives are insights into a range of possible causes that can make the usual suspects seem like faceless scapegoats. While without doubt many diseases are caused by bacteria and genetic factors, so many, to my mind, emanate from a sphere totally within the control of the individual.

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Mercury Amalgam
I wrote this, but it was originally published in Positive Health magazine.
This site has a lot about the mercury amalgam problem
I shan't be restricting my examples to items with a health warning on the packet, although I'd recommend steering clear of those too. All too often are we issued a standard prescription for a problem that hasn't even been properly diagnosed, and all too often do we give away our power to self-heal by disregarding the wider choices. Far be it from me to diagnose and treat your condition from this comfortable distance, I would suggest that there is a possibility that it has arisen or been worsened as a result of thought patterns you are eminently capable of dealing with.
Many practitioners work, to varying degrees, with the theory that life is a reflection of our own thoughts, right from the basic and more often accepted 'mind over matter' to the debate provoking theory that our thinking influences our future. In order to truly move on in life, we must release the negative and restrictive baggage we have a tendency to lug around with us, sometimes for years. True health is a reflection that we are at ease with ourselves and with others. It gives us the flexibility to accept our circumstances or the power to change them. When we are truly healthy we don't cling on to negativity, to regrets, to fears of our own inadequacy. Neither do we bear ill feeling towards others. Each of these is a barrier to true health and happiness, and for our own sake, each of these must be overcome.

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The first time I went to an alternative practitioner I was awestruck. From the irritated donít-waste-my-time non-diagnoses Iíd received from doctors who could find nothing wrong thus concluded this was all there was to say, I went to a man who not only knew what was wrong with me, but knew what to do about it. Without drugs, without judgement, and without hesitation. But there was no dismissive suggestion that Ďnothing was wrongí. Everybody can benefit from alternative medicine, in one way or another, even if they donít always get the result they demand. But consider, if I can feel so bad when there is nothing wrong with me, how would I feel if there was?


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Thereís a theory that divides converts of alternative medicine into two basic groups; those who see it as complementary to western medicine to be used for pain relief and superficial care for non-serious conditions. And then there are the harder-core alternative theorists who believe that any symptom (not including accidents or emergencies), whatever it is, should be addressed by a carefully chosen form of alternative medicine first. Iíll refrain from taking sides, but I have enormous faith in alternative medicine and never hesitate to recommend it to anybody.
I have some formal training, including 18 months as a student practitioner of Traditional Acupuncture (a course I didnít complete), and Theta Healing, in which I am a qualified therapist.
It is my honour to recommend some practitioners to you here.
Stephen MacAllan
Stephen's London Clinic
Stephen is a master practitioner of traditional acupuncture, a master herbalist and works extensively with kosmed and advanced vega-testing. His extensive knowledge is thoroughly impressive and his instinct for the best treatment for each patient is a marvellous asset. He is based in Crewe and London, England. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Dr Hesham El-Essawy
Dr El-Essawy is not an alternative practitioner but a dentist of the very highest quality whose work impacts very positively on the holistic health of his patients.
Lady Colleen Heller
Lady is one of those healers who knows more about you than you do. Not literally of course, but she has a sensitivity in excess of even gifted healers, a most impressive Cairo based healer I invite you to read about, via her website, even if you have no access to her clinic.
Siobhan Haynes
Siobhan is a quality homeopath practising in South Wales.

My certificate in Theta Healing

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