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Normal steam ahead, ice or not

Not a lot stops Kazakh traffic, and not a lot slows it down. Even frozen roads are no obstacle to almost normal communications as drivers seem to have this amazing sense not just of braking distance but of skidding distance. It was the same in Bishkek, brakes are applied fifty yards back and the vehicle slowly slides gently up behind another car. It's like a game of curling. Only there isn't the rather lame brushing of the ice in front of the car.

Tree on Mount Sinai


Venice back street


Fox Camp, St Catherine's, Sinai, Egypt


Trevi Fountain, Roma


Mule Express

This guy stopped off here on my street with some regularity. He did fairly good business. I didnít buy myself, but this is because I was loyal to the corner shop.

That famous bridge in Florence


Summit of Mount Sinai


Famous Venice Carnival Masks