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Plenty to photograph in Kyrgyzstan, this selection is only a fraction of the total.

Just outside Bishkek


Bishkek monument thing


Lipyoshka, my favourite bread


Market stall, Osh Bazaar, Bishkek


So peaceful


Inside a yurt


Bishkek Opera House


The Marshrutka Habit


Public transport Kyrgyzstan style


Frozen waterfall


Osh Bazaar, Bishkek




Salads, mostly veggie, very nice


On the way to Osh, very remote farmland


Outside a town hall building


Robin Cousins meets Michael Schumacher


Ala Archa National Park, near Bishkek


Scenes from Osh Bazaar


Not quite another revolution, but more


Angel of Bishkek, Ala Too Square


Frozen waterfall


Kilo (or two) of onions


Nooruz, New Year, Ala Too Square


City Centre


Hey up


Mountains near Bishkek


Steadier than it looks