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Erzhan Nurgaliyev is quite a paradox on the Kazakh showbiz scene, as although recognised and nationally acclaimed as a unique vocal talent and versatile showman, he is comparatively undiscovered in a country yet to get to grips with the style in which he is the only performer.

The likes of Andrea Boccelli and Russell Watson (not to mention Luciano Pavarotti) have taken the art form of opera, once the privilege of the upper-classes, onto the mainstream stage, writing and singing songs which have become classics of their genre, and appreciated by the likes of even those who would never be seen anywhere near an opera house.
Erzhan is a self-confessed Andrea Boccelli fan, and openly acknowledges the fact that his vocal style owes a lot to the Italian maestro. But those who have heard Erzhan sing, either live or on TV, have been equally open in comparing the two men very much in the favour of the Kazakh superstar who has recently started to grace stages across the world.
This is not to say people think he is better than Andrea Boccelli, few are, but that the power and magic of his voice is capable of appealing to the same audiences in the same way. Put simply, Erzhan Nurgaliyev is as much a talent of the neoclassic tenor style as anybody to have made the grade in Europe or the USA. That he is not quite a household name in his homeland is more a reflection of the musical preferences of people living there, and despite his relative fame, there are many in government and in the media who believe his talents are vastly underrated. This video, hosted by Youtube, has received close to a million hits and represents precisely this point.
While no artist can appeal to everybody, the smattering of negative feedback in the comments can be disregarded, for we are all entitled to our opinion. But that the panel chose not to select Erzhan for the next round led to a public outcry, and baffled even those who may not normally like classic pop.
It may be easy to see why. There are many good singers in Kazakhstan and some have enjoyed popularity abroad too. But the recent European tour in which Erzhan sang to thousands, including the dignitaries and influential people at the VIP event in Madrid on 23 September
demonstrates exactly why Kazakhstan should be proud to have nurtured such a great performer.
Future projects will include further concerts in Dubai and elsewhere, the Emirates being the venue of the forthcoming VIP event organised by the charismatic Andre Verrone, where those lucky enough to have received the much coveted invitation will be treated to another few numbers from one of the best singers not only in Central Asia, but also probably the whole world.