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Horncastle Methodist Church


10.30am - Morning Worship

Coffee is served after the service.

6pm . . . . When there is an evening service at Queen Street, eg Rejoice, which is an ecumenical service

Please see the PLAN for details and weekly notices have later changes.

NB....Some special services are at different times.

PLEASE NOTE - Watch this space for details of Christmas services.

Current plan




Services- the 1st Thursday of the month at 2.30pm

ANCASTER COURT tel: 01507 526231

Services 2nd Sunday of each month at 2.30pm

TANGLEWOOD Tel: 01507 527265

Services 1st Tuesday of each month at 2.30pm
Tanglewood Care Home has services for the residents. You are welcome to come along and join in the worship, singing and fellowship with the residents.

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ECUMENICAL PRAYER BREAKFAST is usually on the 3rd Saturday of each month, from 9 - 10am at The Stables cafeteria.

15th December

Just come along.

Children in Church

Some of the children telling us what they've learned at Junior Church
Some of the children telling us what they've learned at Junior Church

Certificated Fairtrade Church

Queen Street Methodist Chapel is a Fairtrade church.

Fairtrade Fortnight is in February each year, but we serve FAIRTRADE goods all year round. Please see the link below for details of the good you can do for people.

Through Fairtrade they will have decent working and living conditions, be able to send their children to school and to know that the work they do is valued and not exploited.

Circuit Mission Statement

Please see the HOME page and CIRCUIT INFORMATION to read the statement.

History of Methodism in Horncastle.


The first Wesleyan Methodist chapel was built in 1786 in the district known as The Wong or Cagthorpe. It was replaced by a new chapel on the same site in 1806.

In 1837 a new chapel was built on Queen Street, which was in turn replaced by a new chapel on the same site in 1870. This chapel was found to be unsafe and closed in 1962.

It was replaced on the same site by the present chapel which opened in 1965. (During the re-building of the Queen Street premises, 1962-1965, the congregation worshipped at Holy Trinity Anglican Church).

Letter to Future Generations......


The cross - look closely.

Look closely
Look closely

Queen Street Chapel Welcomes You....

Sunday morning - welcome
Sunday morning - welcome

Queen Street Congregation

Sunday morning at Queen Street
Sunday morning at Queen Street

This Church needs you....

Do you have any ideas for social events that would also raise funds? Why not arrange an event, it's up to everyone! If you'd like to suggest an event - please do, you know that you'll get a lot of support if you arrange it!


Bible study.

Thursdays, 10am - 12 noon is Bible study in the Wesley room.

You are welcome to just come along.

Please click on this link to access The Bible On-line.


Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Youth Hall at Queen Street. 10 - 11.30am. 1 per family. A fun and entertaining morning for all concerned.

Coffee, Cake & Chat team

Enjoy a hot drink and a piece of home-made cake.

Sometimes there will be various craft, exercise or other activities on offer. If you don't wish to join in any of the activities, there's no obligation!

(There are quiet areas if you just enjoy a quiet time with your elevenses).

Tuesdays from 10 to 11.30am

Coffee or tea & Cake - All for a donation of 1

Held in the Chapel Hall here at Queen Street.

If there are any surplus funds, these are donated to different charities, usually local.
Tuesday crafters
Tuesday crafters
Playing Trionimoes!
Playing Trionimoes!

The chapel address and post code.

The Methodist Church
Queen Street

Note the signpost on the A158, it's on the left as you head east from Lincoln area, just after the 2nd lot of traffic lights in Horncastle. Turn right on to Queen Street and you will see the chapel and car park.

Contact details

WEB SITE contact:-
Marion Manson on

MONTHLY BULLETIN and Circuit Admin contact

For bookings - 01507 524074 Mrs Linten (leave a message with your name and contact number please)

Alan Dunkley, Mid. Lincs. Circuit Safeguarding Officer on 07861700965
Howard Smedley, Lincolnshire District Safeguarding Officer on

Safeguarding Update



The current bulletin is available now in the Queen Street vestibule. Please make contact if you can't find a copy.

Pastoral care

Please feel free to contact any Minister or steward in confidence to ask for a Pastoral visit.

Daily Prayer link. . . .

Web site links

May I draw your attention to the Links to interesting and appropriate Websites



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Lord's Day Observance

Raithby Chapel - events.


Ecumenical Matters & HORNCASTLE MATTERS


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Scamblesby Ramblers' Haven

Wolds Methodist Centre Ramblers' Haven

Circuit Information Link


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